Me? Distracted? Never

If I told you where I am sitting you would be very jealous so let me just say it is warm and sunny and I am actually seeing green leaves on trees. Which is all great except for the fact that everyone I love dearly (not counting Russ because he is with me) is NOT here and I would rather have sub zero temperatures and still more snow coming and be near people I love. I am just that crazy.

Being out of my routine and natural element, has thrown me. It seems my knack for finding myself in unusual circumstances or attracting wildlife is limited to the Midwest, so I am forced to look through my “idea book”. This is a book I keep with random thoughts that come to me, typically when I am driving.

I used to jot them down on the backs of receipts and napkins from the glove box, but then I got a notebook so they are all in one place. Meaning it is stuffed with receipts and napkins with cryptic notes jotted down. I would like to use the nifty notebook feature on my phone, but I am paranoid that people will think I am texting.

And see, that’s the thing about the “law”. In my mind, typing notes in my phone or trying to balance paper and pen on the steering wheel would not be, technically, “TEXTING”, so I should be ok, right? Wrong. Because the law isn’t about one method of communication over another. It’s about not being distracted while I am driving.

So any manner of typing on a small keyboard that spellchecks everything, except recognizing that I worship God and not Gid, is just wrong.

The heart of the law is that I am operating a large metal vehicle in the midst of other large metal vehicles maneuvering around pot holes, people who are walking in the street in dark clothing and motorcycles that think the yellow line is a lane.

I am responsible for not only my safety but the safety of others. So the heart of the law is about driving in a way that looks out for the best interest of others, even if they are not doing so themselves.

Jesus talked a lot about the heart of the Law in His teachings. I want His heart and I want to follow His ways and the only way I can think to do this is to read and meditate and apply His Word each and every day. I am thankful that I can pray for understanding as I open the Scriptures and He will teach me through His Spirit.

As for the notebook, if you see me furiously scribbling at a stop light, you know what I am doing <3
Blessings on you this week as you seek Him in His Word

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