Surviving the wreck

I finished the book of Acts today. One of my favorite accounts – Paul’s shipwreck on Malta.

There are so many rich teachings in these passages, but the one that stood out to me this morning is from chapter 27, verses 34-36. Paul has already told them that they will indeed be wrecking the ship. But the good news, they would all survive, every single crew member, prisoner, leader.

And as the waves are crashing and the rocks are looming ahead and everyone is convinced that it is as grim as it can get, Paul suggests they all have a snack. Eat up, he says. You will need your strength for the  next few hours. Like when some of you leap over the sides to swim to shore and others wait til the ship smashes into a million pieces and you grab a hold of a fragment of the deck and ride it on in.

And they all realize that there is no more to do but to follow the suggestion. So they eat and throw the rest of their provisions overboard and finish it out. Just the way Paul told them it would go.

Have you been there? At that place where you have fought through a rough time. You know the last part is not going to be easy, but for some reason, faith has taken root and you are believing God that the ship you have been sailing on is going down, but you aren’t. And neither are those traveling the storm with you.

A sense of relief floods the places that adrenaline once fueled and now….you can eat. Fasting is over. Assurance has been given. Peace reigns. And yes, there is that part about the swim to shore, but somehow knowing everyone will make it is worth everything.

I hope you are there. I hope you are near the harbor. I hope the worst is over. Hold on if it isn’t. It will soon end in JOY <3

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