Half way there….


I like to reflect on the list of events that make up the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. I like to think about and read the Scriptures and ponder the impact of those last days and how He spent them.

I always struggle with the events of Wednesday, because NOTHING is recorded about the events of that day….seriously….nada.

After pages, and I mean pages, of the events from Tuesday….there are no details until we catch up with Jesus and the disciples preparing for the Passover on Thursday.

Scholars speculate that He and the disciples went back to Bethany and spent the day resting and visiting in the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha.

So, since we don’t know, and why not…I camp on that picture for a while.

If this is indeed where they went to spend the day…..

I wonder if the disciples thought they were wasting time after the big day of preaching and teaching that had happened in the Temple. The adrenaline had to be flowing after the controversial dialoging with the Pharisees.

Perhaps they were trying to figure how and where they were going to celebrate the Passover. Maybe they were just glad for a drama-free day. I wonder if Martha was busy with much detail or if she joined Mary at His feet for the day’s visit.

I wonder if He studied the faces of these three friends as they talked, and if He fought back some tears as He watched them move around in their home and if He hugged them just a little tighter when He left knowing what lay ahead.

But it is all just a wonder, because we do not know….and so ……

Fully human….fully God… the wonder of it all.

But this we can know…whatever He did that Wednesday, He was about His Father’s business. Because even if we don’t know the details, He always was….He always is …. He always will be….about His Father’s business….

Should we, for whom He died, be any less?


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