Happy Fourth <3

For us…

the Fourth of July is just way more than the birthday of this country.

Because ….

this guy…

was also born on the Fourth.

So we have taken advantage of the holiday to visit family…

in the Pacific NW <3

To celebrate…

this sweet lady’s birthday…


play and…

play some more.

To stop and smell the roses…

or whatever these lovelies are called.




connect ¬†and…

refresh our spirits and bodies and hearts <3

So Russ and I are enjoying a break and wish each of you a Happy Fourth and a great rest of the week.

I hope you will join me back here on the Journey next Monday for a little series that’s cooking in my head…

something we will call…



Stay tuned <3



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  1. We have corn in Washington…Honest!
    Loved our time with you and two of your adult kids. We look forward to coming out to…corn country…and visiting the rest of your clan soon.

    1. We had a great time. And we could do whatever we wanted. =0)
      Missing the salmon and the strawberries and you all <3

  2. And we so remember the day you moved in next door and Bart said “our new neighbor is about to POP”! And I believe that night you did, welcoming John into your family! We were blessed to have the Reimer family as neighbors and forever friends!

    1. Yes indeed…the large lady next door that was carrying around enough weight to give birth to a four year old….LOL <3

  3. Happy Birthday John! Hoping for rest, relaxation, sweet memories and good family time, my friend

  4. Happy 4th to you and yours. Happy birthday to John!! I’m jealous! I’m form Washington state and I so want to be back there.

    1. It is beautiful, as you know. Love to visit…but you know my heart is always in corn country <3

  5. I know you realize how wonderful your family is; at least I’m pretty certain you do. The way you treasure each member that God has placed into your heart is wonderful. You have a huge part to play in all of that. The choices you’ve made helped create the beauty that is your dearest possession. You are rich dear friend!!

    PS: If you ever feel that green-eyed monster rear its head again remember that millions of people would give almost everything to be in your moccasins. I can’t think of ANYTHING that compares with the family you and Russ have built together, with God’s guidance and blessing.

    1. Thank you Susan <3 We are indeed blessed with this crazy crew <3 Love them all and we are thankful for each moment we can share with any and all of them. Have a blessed Fourth!

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