Help wanted; Help needed

This morning as I drove to our daughter’s, I saw a fellow at one of the busy intersections holding up a sign. You may think you know what I am talking about, but this had a new twist.
The first thing I noticed from a distance was that the guy was wearing a suit and tie. Then the words of the sign caught me —
followed by a phone number.
As I passed, his expression was one of hopelessness.I am sure if I had time and a chance to chat with a few of you, I might have a different perspective, but this was my first thought…..

Wow. That took guts.

I wonder if he has applied everywhere he could think of and finally, in desperation, is putting himself out there in a way that is both bold and humbling.The whole job application process is stressor, but this method takes it to a new level. To quote an old saying – desperate times call for desperate measures.

I understand this in the area of prayer with regard to needs.

I do not take for granted that I have been given so much more than many. I don’t worry about where food or water will come from. I have many advantages. And in this state, I can grow complacent. Most of my prayers are of thanksgiving for personal blessings in this season of life.

So when a circumstance comes along that I have no resources for, I begin to take prayer a little more seriously. If the situation worsens, I raise the level and intensity of my prayers.

Thanks be to God (and I do mean that), there are times when the situation becomes so obviously tangled in despair, that unless God intervenes in a mighty way, all hope is lost.

And that, my friend, is when you find me throwing away all pride and concern over what anyone might think of me. Hands raised, tears streaming; basically holding a spiritual sign up to the heavens saying….

                                 NOW!!!!!!Are you in a place where this resonates in your heart?

Oh dear one, hold up your sign to Him – do not struggle with your own resources to try and get through.

We have a Savior who LIVES to intercede for YOUR NEED – today. Do not hesitate to present your requests to Him.

As always, if you are in a season of calm; give thanks to Him. Look around your area of influence for the signs of desperation in those who journey alongside you right now. Stand with them, encourage them to continue hoping and trusting, pray for them and with them.

In so doing, we help one another hold up those signs and thus fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2)

God bless each of you today <3

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  1. Your words are a wonderful reminder of the hope brings during the dark times. You are a faithful prayer warrior and a inspiration to me.

    1. Thank you Lisa. It is a wonderful thing to know that other believers are praying for you when times are desperate. And what fun when we get to celebrate the answers together! Blessings on you <3

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