Hide and Seek


Shortly after Creation, Adam and Eve trade paradise for a lie and in three short chapters we find them crouching in the trees trying to hide from God. He comes looking for them calling, “Where are you?”.

As if.

As if He didn’t know right where they were.

Fast forward to Mark 1 and we find a twist on the hide and seek with God.

Jesus has spent an exhausting night healing and casting out demons. The whole city had gathered after the Sabbath sunset. Late into the night, He healed the sick, delivered the possessed and silenced the demons.

And with just a little rest, before it was daylight, He went off by Himself to what the Word calls a “solitary place”. And He prayed. Alone.

Until His fellow workers, Simon and others who were traveling with Him, came looking for Him.

This time the crowd is calling to God, “Where are You?”

Where are You? Because EVERYONE is looking for You.

Where are You? Because we have needs that You can meet.

Where are You? Because You can fix us and our problems.

And Jesus’ response is…….But.

Not Therefore; not Nevertheless.

No, His response to their searching is…..But….¬†Instead. As my dad used to say, “I understand what you want me to do, but here is what I am going to do.”

Instead, Jesus tells them they are going on to the next towns to preach there as well.

Instead, Jesus tells them He has a purpose and it doesn’t involve anybody else’s agenda.

Instead, Jesus sets the pace and the crowds can follow or go back.

So I wonder.

Now that I am past hiding from God.

Now that I am covered by His blood, not my fig leaves.

Now that I am calling to Him and seeking Him and not playing Hide and Seek games.

Why? What do I want?

Am I seeking Him to meet my needs?


Am I seeking Him to follow where He leads?



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