First Class or Coach?


I seem to be running into a certain theme quite often lately involving THANKFULNESS. I like to think I am a grateful person. But then I also like to think I am kind and patient and organized and even responsible. Which is true in the right set of circumstances…..but in the wrong set of circumstances; well, I just go all human nature and flawed and that’s how it goes with this thankfulness thing.

We had the chance to visit to the west coast last week. And I was very thankful for this. I was thankful for the time with Russ, for the change in climate and for the opportunity to travel.

I was extremely thankful for everything.

And then as we were boarding the plane for the four hour flight westward, we walked through First Class.

There they were, the favored ones. Sitting all comfortable in their extra leg room seats. Sipping on orange juice and coffee in real cups and glasses. They had their own special attendant who was pampering them while we made our way down the aisle with our bags and carry ons. And to top it all off, they didn’t even look happy.

The final distinction was made when the last of the plane was filled and the steward pulled a little cloth curtain across between us and them. I imagined a chef was setting up to make omelets for them, while the silver drink cart creaked down the aisle to dispense plastic cups of beverages to the rest of us. And to add to the insult, the servers were kind of cranky as we were admonished to keep our elbows and feet in our seats.

Ok, I am over dramatizing it….so unlike me.

The point is, we had it pretty good. Comfortable seats, a “free” soda served to us, the same safety offered to first class as to coach, plus the privilege of living in a time when you can travel across the whole country in a matter of hours.

That is how ingratitude works. It happens when we forget all that we have been given because we start focusing on what we don’t have.

During the season of Lent, we can choose to be intentional about looking at all we have because Jesus gave up everything for us. We are all equal at the Cross. Meaning we all bring our nothing. And we receive His everything.

We don’t deserve first class, coach, the luggage bin or even hanging on to the tail with a bungee cord. We don’t deserve one single thing. And yet we are given Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Salvation, Eternity.

I hope you will join me in setting aside time each day to reflect and remember and reconnect.

I will be posting each day, Monday through Friday, from my own Journey through Lent.

Bless you as you draw nearer to Him, with grateful hearts, this season <3

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