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I had two different posts put together in my head but when I opened my dashboard to write, I found this sweet letter from our winner of the book…

Well, Laura, I wrote an entire comment to share with others and lost it! Is there any way you can, at my request, post my response to you this morning ? I truly am so happy to be the winner…winning this makes me feel like I’m still a part of FCC, and that my heart is ” home” again !! Thank you , again. Much love to you! And…. I love your blog on finding the dinosaur! I always pray to find lost things, and some day I will tell you a story about this. Isnt it amazing how even the smallest desires of our hearts are important to God?! ( like finding a lost toy) yet, how very powerful when he grants these prayers, and through His grace , we, as well as your sweet grandson strengthen our belief in His almighty power! I always think of these answered prayers as ” faith builders”!
Love and blessings to you, sweet one!

and yes…I MISSPELLED her name on Monday because….well…the way I am.

And she’s so sweet she didn’t even correct me…which brings me to today’s thoughts…

If you read the title of today’s post and filled it in automatically with…

the Body of Christ…

then you are tracking with me this morning.


Yesterday I attended the funeral of a little gal named Dorothy, who in the world’s economy would have been classified as “special needs” but in the eyes of Jesus and everyone whose life she touched…was a beautiful part of His Body here on earth.

She was a permanent fixture in the lobby on Sunday morning and somehow seemed to be everywhere at once…sitting on the bench by the office…over in the coffee shop….down where the choir lines up.

Our Sunday School class had a little memorial service before we started the lesson last Sunday as we laughed and cried and shared our different “Dorothy” stories.

At the funeral I sat in a pew with three friends from FCC….we have raised our kids together…prayed together…cried and laughed together.

We wiped tears as our pastor and his wife provided the music Dorothy had requested.

Oh yes…by the way…they are also long time friends….that pastor and his wife.

Along with the people I was sitting with…they too have laughed and cried and prayed and raised children with us.

And the song was one of the first praise songs our family learned when we came to FCC.

As Les sang the words, I could close my eyes and picture the Reimer Five lined up holding half sheets of paper with praise song lyrics printed on them.

I had never heard of praise songs…just hymns from the hymnal.

These new songs became so precious to me that I would work on the lyrics during the week so I could sing them without the paper.

Yesterday, as I looked around the church I saw people weeping at times as others took them in their arms.

I listened as Wayne offered words of comfort to those in sorrow and the assurance of hope and that Dorothy is healed and whole in the arms of Jesus, whom she loved.

We closed with Jesus Loves Me…Dorothy’s favorite song.

Perfect really.

The song of a child affirming …. yes…Jesus loves me.

Afterwards we sat around tables eating fried chicken and laughing…and all agreeing that Dorothy would have loved all of us being there…eating…laughing…loving each other just as we are.


How beautiful is His Body…crucified for us.

How beautiful is His Body…represented by flawed, imperfect, sinners-saved-by-grace people…

all of us…kind of special needs in our own way…some more obvious to the eyes of the world than others.

How beautiful…are the hands and feet of Jesus…here on earth <3


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  1. He loves us indeed… Beautiful words for a beautiful person❤️written by a beautiful person

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