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Hurry UP Everybody!!!!

Our Graham has had a thing about animals from the get-go…


He has carried them around and built things for them…


and lined them up….


and toted them around….


and lately he has been taking it to the next level and frequently builds an ark for them…


He has been helped along with viewings recently of Evan Almighty and so he takes the whole flood thing pretty seriously.

Last weekend we went up to spend some time with them, help out if we could and alright…I admit…snuggle that sweet new bundle of boy and get some hugs and tickles in with the older two.


Graham wanted to play in his room for a bit so he built an ark.  I was more than happy to climb on board, be buried in stuffed animals and close my eyes a little.


But Graham was not playing.

As he dumped the last animal on top of me, which, ironically was a T-rex…he ran out to the open stairwell and called out for everyone to hurry upstairs and get on the ark…the flood was coming.

With Joel less than a week old, mommy still recovering physically from birth, daddy sleep deprived and Papi being monopolized by Emmett…no one rushed up the stairs to flee the coming rains.

Undeterred, Graham began to call out louder and with more urgency….


Now I know he is a new big brother and he might be seeking a way to get attention but somehow his cry to the unbelieving masses gathered in the living room below stirred a deep sorrow in my spirit.

A few minutes later when he came back in, lifted his hands in despair, shook his head sadly and said, “I guess they are just going to get washed away. They won’t listen to me.”…. I flat out cried.

So we sat there on the ark. Me and G and a boatload of stuffed animals and were silent and sad together.

For his four year old self, full on in the story he had created and my 57 year old self full on in the Story of Creation…

we were sad…

for all those who wouldn’t listen…


all those who could have been saved but didn’t believe the warning.

I am so thankful for God’s patience, but I also know… the day will come when it is too late…so let’s make the most of today…let’s not grow weary in calling out…let’s not give up…let’s not shut the door…keep calling…keep praying….


while there is still time  <3


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  1. I hear you and agree. Keep on telling everyone Graham! Even the apostles, who were living right there with Jesus, didn’t completely understand. May we ALL be ready…”The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

    1. So so true…sometimes I think we need to look at the story of their journey and realize they were with Him and still struggled so how much more will we and yet we carry on, just as they did!!!

  2. Made me cry. Even he felt the despair of those who would be lost. Through the eyes of a child!

    1. Oh Susan…if you could have seen his little face. I was like ready to go to the top of the stairs and start yelling myself….

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