I didn’t even ask her if I could use this…I hope she isn’t mad with me <3

This little mommy sent us a picture of this little dude….

how he made this necklace for her at school…

and how the teacher said since he couldn’t take it home they would take a picture and send it to his #1 girl so she could see it.

The smile on his face.

The smile I can imagine on her face.

The smile on our faces as we thanked God for such a thoughtful and kind gesture.

It took like, what?

Two minutes?

For this teacher to be nice.

And the return was…


It’s ugly out there people.

Be nice as often as you can today.

You have absolutely no idea the ripple effect it may have.

God bless you all  <3

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  1. What a great teacher! I know such a small but kind gesture touched you all. Made me smile too! 🙂

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