Sometimes we just need to say it again

When I ran this morning I listened to a sermon from our friends the Embree’s church in Decatur TEXAS….from a great series Pastor Darren did on Four Days.

I recommend the whole series, but the one I happened to listen to this morning was by a guest speaker, Karl Martin //

It was about the crucifixion and I know we all just walked through Easter weekend but can we just replay this again.

One more time.

That Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the entire world.

He willingly and obediently was beaten to a bloody pulp, ridiculed, spit on, mocked, stripped and had a crown of thorns jammed on His head.

He died on a Roman cross like a common criminal.

He was buried in a tomb; wrapped lovingly, but hurriedly by two men who needed to get home for the Sabbath.

And the part we skim over is, He didn’t just lay there sleeping for the next few days.

He descended into Hell.

The Hell you and I and every other human being on earth deserves because we have gone our own way and decided that we are smarter than God and that we don’t need Him telling us what to do and how to live.

The Hell of eternal sickness and suffering and sorrow and grief.

The Hell of consequences and guilt and shame.

The Hell of brokeness and unforgiveness and regret.

The Hell of depravity and addiction and everything that would separate us from the God who made us.

And it says He preached the gospel and He brought back captives.

Oh, yes.

And also the keys.

The keys that got handed over when all Hell broke loose on earth.

The keys that mean all authority…ALL AUTHORITY…in heaven and earth and all of creation is back in His rightful hands.

Then…He arose.

Not from the slab He was laid on but from Hell itself.

He arose.

He conquered sin and He conquered death.

Once and for all.

It is finished.

And in Him…IN HIM…alone…we  have L.I.F.E.




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  1. …you ran this morning? I have been on the couch and my computer. It is almost 10:00 am. I WAS planning on running…

    Hahaha! I am joking with you. I am pretty sure that all the rain we have had and are still getting here is the reason for my t-shirts shrinking…

    Yes, we need to hear this message again and again. We also need to tell others again and again!

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