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I don’t make this stuff up…

So as I was getting ready for church on Sunday morning, I jotted down a couple of ideas that were floating around in my brain for posts this week that kind of hatched while we were on vacation…


And if you read yesterday’s, you know …. Sojourner…check.

The Thrive not just Survive one was going to be for today…it had to do with a memory from when our kids were in school and we were debating where the best place for them was and someone wise said…

You want your kids to not just survive; you want them to thrive.

That phrase jumped out of the past when we were in Florida because one of the plants I added to the patio this year was an Hibiscus…


and while that is a lovely flower, let me assure you the plant it is attached to is only about 2 feet tall and the size of a basketball.

It has little hope of getting much taller before summer turns to fall here in the midwest.

But in Florida…


They were everywhere..and while this is not the greatest picture…they grew on large trees in yards and along patios and they put our little braided Hibiscus fellow to shame.

And I thought about how Florida is the right environment for this tropical plant so while our plant will just survive for a while…these trees were THRIVING <3

Now fast forward to this evening and me mulling over and praying and wondering if that was really the message for this post…and if so…how was I going to pull it all together??

Because what I just told you was all I had.

Russ had gone running and I planned to use the time to write the post when I felt a gentle nudge suggest that my time would be better spent catching up on the last two weeks’ sermons from John’s church in Austin.

He had told me they started a series on Daniel that is very good.

***You can wake up now…I am finally getting to the point…..

I opened up the church’s website and found the new series …

is titled…

wait for it….

THRIVE: Living Well in an Unwell World


I know.

And yes….throughout the first sermon of the series, he says several times…we want to not just survive these times…we want to thrive….

So…it would seem once again God has a message for us and just in case you doubt it….do yourself a favor…listen to the sermons…and don’t be surprised if you hear something you either thought, heard or said recently…

because that is how God works <3

**and speaking of how things work…I have no idea how I managed to get that awesome link on this site…and I am praying like crazy it’s legal and all for me to have it stuck in this post….but if you click on the picture part you should be able to open the actual video of the sermon which is a bonus because he shows pictures of the world Daniel was taken into.

If you CAN’T open it…to Grace Covenant Church in Austin TX site and click on “Sermons”…and then select the Thrive series. You can also listen to these through podcasts which are great when you are walking or driving…but I am a visual person so really enjoy the videos.

Lesson over…technically gifted people can stop laughing now…and God bless you all <3


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