I guess I am getting on my nerves……

I have been a bit distracted the last few days by a persistent pain in the bottom right molars. If I didn’t know better, I would think I have a huge cavity or have cracked the tooth right in two.

But I know better. The pain is something that comes off and on so at my last dentist appointment they x-rayed and examined and poked and did all those dentistry things and proclaimed the entire region is absolutely fine.

It sure doesn’t feel fine, so what is going on?

Well, I guess this is a common issue with allergy sufferers. The sinuses live very close to tooth-related nerves. When the sinuses get irritated, they rub against the nerves causing pain in the teeth.

God tells us in HIs Word that we, who belong to the Body of Christ, are made up of many members. When one of the members is rejoicing, we all rejoice. But when someone is hurting, we all hurt.

As we love and support one another, we find our hearts become sensitive to the situations and circumstances that cause pain in our brothers and sisters lives. We carry one another’s burdens.

Basically, we “get on each other’s nerves”…. the things that are hurting others will cause discomfort in our own lives.

The pain in my tooth is reminding me it is time to start taking antihistamine. I don’t need the dentist, I need sinus medicine for the real source of the problem.

Are you hurting for someone else today? Take the burden of your brother or sister to the Great Physician, the One who knows the source of their pain, and intercede for them.

And when He answers, be sure to rejoice with them! It is a perk of being in the Body!

May God bless you today as you love others as He has loved you <3

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