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If I work hard and stay focused, I should have my to do list completed by….never

So up above all the fog and clouds around here, this was going on over the weekend…


I got to go visit this guy…


and I will be filling you in tomorrow on why he needed a nap because…we packed a lot in.

So I got home last night in time for dinner with my welcoming party…

IMG_8225 IMG_8224

And Joel’s first trip to B-dubs…or however you spell it … which reminds me when I first heard the kids calling it that, I thought “dubs” was a new slang name for a place to eat…so I started calling Steak and Shake “S-dubs” … to which our children almost hurt themselves rolling their eyes the day they finally asked me why I called it S-dubs…sigh…good times…good times…

But I digress…(which might be why I most likely will not finish all my assigned tasks today…)

I do have something of a deeper nature to share than wings and dubs…so pay attention please =0)

On Sunday I attended church with John and heard such a wonderful teaching on what biblical waiting and faith really look like.

It was convicting to say the least as the pastor and another church leader shared about the 400 year period between Malachi and Matthew.

With historical references as well as scripture, they shared about the dark time when Israel did not hear from God, were persecuted and martyred and yet…a remnant remained.

They also taught about Hanukkah and left me hungry to learn more!

I checked the website today and the sermon is not yet posted, but if you are looking for a good teaching this season of Advent, I recommend:

Grace Covenant Church Austin Texas   “Messiah the Promised One”/Dr. Matt Cassidy; December 6, 2015

And grab a pen and paper…you will want to take notes!

So with that ….I will finish my breakfast….IMG_8227

and tackle that To Do list….

See you tomorrow <3


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