I stopped at the post office this week to mail a package and get stamps.

The clerk was pleasant, but I am always a little leery of having her wait on me. Because I had one encounter that wasn’t so nice.

It’s silly, because it was just a one-time thing and I am pretty sure happened at the end of a long day, but it stung and I think of it every time I go in there.

I ran in there a few years ago, near closing time. A couple of people were ahead of me. When it was my turn, I stepped up to the counter and tried to be quick about my business. As I put my wallet away, I thanked her politely.

She smiled brightly and said, “You are my favorite customer of the day.”

My heart soared. I had made someone’s day better!

And then she snapped, “Because you are my last one!”, as she pushed the CLOSED sign into place and turned her back on me.


She probably had had a rough day. But I had, too.

Now when I go in, I am still nice and I hold nothing against her; but I do remember.

And I think about me…and my little fits and words that have spewed out on others. Times I have vented on someone who was about to blow themselves. Times when I have ranted about something or someone in my life to someone who wishes they had what I am complaining about. Times when I have aired my frustrations about something else onto someone who had nothing to do with the problem, but now bears the scathing of my junk.

And I pray…oh I pray…

I pray for healing of wounds my words may have caused. I pray if they are remembered by someone who sees me regularly, they would serve as a reminder, only, of how carefully we want to go about leaving our impression on others.

And I pray forward…as my moods can go up and down, that I will remember to talk to people and not at them.

God bless us as we remember that always, we are to render the ministry of love and compassion outward, no matter what we are going through. God help us to be kind and gentle with our words <3


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  1. I work so hard to be mindful of the impact I leave/make. I’ve even written about it before because it is such a constant concern in my life. During this short time that we have been friends via the internet, you never cease to inspire me with the impact you make. Thank you for always being a shining example of someone who is always striving to spread love and compassion to others.

    1. Thank you Lisa, that certainly is an encouragement. We try, don’t we…and then sometimes things just pile up and we have a melt down…and whew! Those times are a good reminder how very human we are!! And helps make us more compassionate and proactive about leaning on God instead of trying to do everything in our own strength! Bless you dear! and when will YOU be posting again???? =0)

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