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Let’s not buy into it….

Let me just remind you…You and I do not have to OWN every pretty thing that is out there.

Exhibit A:

A lovely idea to beautify a soap dispenser…


Except…the company decided to redesign the shape of their bottles….IMG_3190


thereby creating the need to purchase the NEW soap dispenser cover-up thingy….


Well, I am going to sit this one out and just use the plain old plastic bottles til they are gone and then probably switch brands….

and I am going to donate the covers to a thrift store, because I just know in my heart that some clever gal out there is going to come up with a cute way to use them.

And that right there is a sign of maturity, because normally I would put the thing in my closet waiting for an idea of how I could make a candle holder or a vase or….?????

I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am alone in this battle.

From shiny baubles, home decor, fashion or even a talent – sometimes whatever catches my eye, catches my desire. I want what I see.

But we don’t have to own everything we admire.

This holiday season can be a great opportunity to overcome “lust of the eyes” – the unquenchable thirst for more…more clothes, more decorations, more of what this store showed, more of what her house has…

I am going to be more purposeful this season to look and appreciate and celebrate without having to HAVE IT….

I am going to be more purposeful in practicing contentment…

And I know this is a refining that God will be most willing to help me with!

How about you? What is your struggle heading into the “most wonderful time of the year”?

I pray you can take some time to reflect and take some deep breaths and rejoice in what God is doing in you!



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