In those hard to reach places…

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Yesterday about this time, I was hurriedly packing my bag for the day. As I jammed some loose strands of yarn down into an already overflowing tote bag, my thumb came directly down on the tip of a size 9 bamboo knitting needle.

The pointed end, of course.

I was afraid to pull my thumb back out to see the damage. I thought perhaps the needle would be lodged under the corner of my thumbnail, but no…just throbbing pain and the shedding of blood revealed that I had quite a wound in the very corner of my nail.

I quickly put on a bandaid to stop the bleeding and headed off to work.

Holding a pen in the normal way was out of the question and have you ever tried to use a touch phone with a bandaid?

Needless to say, I was ….. painfully….aware of my injury throughout the day.

Last night, I decided to attempt to get some medicine down under the nail. I have an amazing Vitamin E ointment that a friend gave to me for just such occasions.

It was not fun, and by that I mean I had to revert to Lamaze breathing; but I was able to force a good bit of balm down into the nail area. I applied another couple of bandaids to the mess and hoped for the best.

This morning, while there is slight tenderness and evidence of some bruising…I am able to resume normal activity and am assured there is no infection or permanent damage.

Sometimes life is like that bamboo needle.

It comes out of nowhere as I am going about doing my daily tasks; living my every day, ordinary life.

And it stabs deep.

Most likely the wound is one that is not visible to those around me, but it leaves me hurting…bleeding down deep in my spirit…incapacitated in some way….vulnerable.

Sometimes it is my own doing.
Sometimes it is the choices of others around me.
Sometimes it is just the way things are.

But my spirit gets wounded in this mixed bag of life on planet Earth.

The good news is….there is a balm.

It is found in my relationship with Christ, my healer.

In His presence; I am invited to pull back the area around the wound and expose it to Him.

I quiet myself and open up the places of pain to Him.


Sometimes I read His word.

Sometimes I pour out my assessment of the situation.

Sometimes I just need to cry.

And while the results range from receiving strength to carry on in spite of the pain to realizing I need to confess some things and repent…the healing comes.

Every time.

He does not fail us.

He is faithful.

Perhaps you are wounded today.

Our culture offers a variety of ways to avoid, divert, ignore or numb spiritual woundings.

But true healing only comes from the One who was wounded for us.

I pray you know His tender care for you and that you will experience His healing touch in those places.

God bless each of you today…you are loved and you matter much to Him <3

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  1. I read somewhere that Psalm 118 is the middle of the Bible.
    I also heard that it is the final hymn sung at Passover.
    Is it coincidental that your Bible is open to that page today as I am working through Exodus 20…the ten words…or the ten commandments?
    Psalm 118:8 says, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”
    I think your post AND your picture with bandages on the middle of the Bible is very appropriate to me this morning.
    Thank you for sharing God’s word with us!

    1. I don’t think there is anything coincidental about God’s word =0)
      A bible teacher at our church has so many interesting facts about the placement of letters and words and such in Scripture–it is absolutely mind boggling how even the letters of the Hebrew literally spell out God’s name…what a faith builder it is to dig into His word… bless you Kenny!!

    1. Thank you Jonathan – I appreciate you sharing it on FB. I am constantly humbled that God can use the most ordinary things to remind us of His extraordinary love.

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