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You are invited….

Happy Friday to you!

I hope you have some fun things planned and I hope they involve people you love.

Let me share with you a sweet treat I was given last Saturday.

Russ and I had set up to watch the crew so Zach and Rachel could have some time together.

We were delightfully surprised to be joined by Tia…


which turned out to be a multiplied blessing because a couple of yahoos decided not to nap and I had accepted and invitation….

during nap time…

to attend a tea party ….


A few years ago I got invited to speak at a women’s event in Clinton. It was a much larger group than I had anticipated and I met a lot of sweet women that night.

I also ate some of the BEST salads and desserts EVER…

and then I got to share a word with them.


A lot of words.

At that time, I hadn’t started the blog yet, but I told them I sent an email encouragement once a week if they were interested.

Quite a few signed up that night, including a lady named Marjorie.

Marjorie soon became MY encourager.

Most weeks she sends me a response and over time we have gotten to be friends.

Marjorie tells it like it is and I look forward to hearing from her each week.

With her responses she shares how my email has spoken to her and I share back.

Around Christmas she told me she wanted to have some friends over after the first of the year and she wanted me to come too.

Last Saturday was the day…and let me tell you…it was a BEST DAY EVER…that still warms my heart.

It turns out Marjorie is good at making good friends.

Because she loves the Lord, she loves people and people love her.

About fourteen of us gathered around her living room on Saturday afternoon.

She had us go around and tell a little …. or a lot…about ourselves…


It was precious.

The cross ties of relationships… relatives who live now where someone else grew up…activities and interests in common and ones we have always dreamed of doing….trials that God used for good…connections made and kept over the years.

And Marjorie kept us on our toes and laughing.

It was lovely.

So is she.


We need fellowship and we need it across generations and across miles.

If we only hang out with people our age, or who live nearby or who share common demographics we completely miss the abundant life God has promised.

So dust off your china, polish your crystal; bake some goodies, brew some tea and open wide the door of your heart and your home.

And give Marjorie and me your address…we would love to come <3

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    1. Oh my…what a sweet surprise on a Monday morning! well…my blog loves YOU and so do I <3
      Thank you Jeanette!! God bless you today!

    1. Girl! If wishes were wings we would be there this morning!!
      And yes, you would love her and she would love you! I am ever amazed at the bounty of God’s love to allow me to have gotten to know so many of His children here on earth. The fellowship of believers…precious…and always the door is open to add to the family. This is our call, amen? To reflect His love and light so that all would come to know Him and join that wonderful big Body of His <3

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