In times like these <3


My goodness…I am definitely out of my routine. 

I am not sleeping in…not my style…although Saturday’s lately I confess I have indulged in later start to the day. 

Nope..instead I am getting up right at 5:30 and heading to basement to do exercise. From there I go straight to getting ready for the day and I am dressed pouring my first cup of coffee by 7. 


Because my old habit was…coffee…study and devotions…then get ready and promise myself to exercise sometime in the afternoon or evening. 

I am a terrible promise keeper, by the way. 

My goal in readjusting the schedule was to be more efficient but it turns out getting all ready to go first thing in the morning throws me for a loop and I end up dragging everything out until lunch time. 

And if you are continuing on in a job and it’s business as usual for you, good on you. I am just telling you how things are going down here for me as I have been sidelined from my weekly responsibilities as deemed “unnecessary” and have a card-carrying (from the Governor, no less!!!) “NECESSARY” person now running his world from the kitchen table. 

It has been an adjustment for all of us. 

In some cities, health care workers are being drained dry and other areas they are laid off because no one is coming to the offices or hospital. 

Moms are trying to avoid store by ordering online for pickup, only to be told their order has been canceled.

The only place where people seem to be gathering in mass is the local hardware stores.

Medical personnel and hairdressers are anticipating being inundated with trying to prioritize who gets seen first when the doors are allowed be opened.

Small business owners are trying to remember what inventory they have and how they will stock the shelves that they hope they can still operate since much merchandise and methods of ordering has been canceled.

We are living in a lot of tension and as the days wear on and the stories fly around, conflict is overtaking the “we are all in this together” vibe we had going.

And if you have ever worked retail, none of this will take you by surprise because the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas atmosphere is night and day…or as we like to call it “good feeling gone.”

So for this Wednesday I thought I would throw some randoms from the world of a Stay at Home friend….in no particular order:



Reading for our FCC series on Psalms today and I notice in the first two verses of Chapter 10 these words:

LORD, why do you stand so far away? Why do you hide in times of trouble? In arrogance the wicked relentlessly pursue their victims; let them be caught in the schemes they have devised.

Psalm 10:1-2 CSB

And I noted as I read how God’s Word speaks and is relevant to all of us. 

Because all kinds of people might read that and nod their heads and pump their fists and raise a mighty amen! 

But the problem with people is, we tend to assign OUR assessment of who the victim is and who the enemy is.

So we take God’s Word and we apply it to what we have judged about a situation and the person across the way may have done the exact same thing only with the victim and the enemy switched around or substituted in with something else. 

I have to remind myself often when I find my head nodding and my arm starting to shoot up and the AMEN! rising up in my throat….that only GOD knows the hearts and the intent of the heart of all people, He knows the end from the beginning and He knows the purposes of all things that will be worked out. 

So even if I think I have clearly identified who is right and who is wrong, I need to take all of that in counsel with the Lord…because while He never is standing off afar or hiding in times of trouble or non-trouble, for that matter….He may just be waiting for us to stop passing judgment and slinging mud and just line up with Him and let Him do what needs to be done. 

Just a thought.



The idea of democracy floors me. I mean, I do believe it is a well meaning concept of government and since I have always grown up under it, I support it. 

However, we had a family of 5 and I now get to be up close and personal to family of 6. 

On any decision, whether it be where we will eat dinner, go on vacation, or what hour was our family curfew…to think that we would all come to agreement, or that if we took a vote and went with the majority that the minority would be happy about it and not make a big fuss and make everyone else miserable or at least mildly uncomfortable for a short period of time…was a pipe dream. 

And the people who have been assigned to be kind of over the whole circus, let’s call them “mom and dad”…are rarely treated with respect when the decision they make based on the best of their abilities meet with the disapproval of the masses…who can only agree on one thing and that is total anarchy and that it is snack time. All the time.



As we are now just a week and one day (not that we are counting) away from the April 30th date set by our governor for shut down of the state, I sense the natives are getting restless. 

When we are restless and also highly stressed due to a huge number of unknowns, we sometimes begin to behave recklessly and forget our manners. 

Let’s not do that. 



This quarantine time has been one of intense emotions. I find myself crying frequently when I read about other’s struggles. 

I find myself understanding a little better what it might be like to not have access to foods that I am used to purchasing or supplies or drive through coffee. 

Ok…I added the coffee to make you smile a bit, but seriously – I think about people who simply have no access to any food…and here we are just figuring out how to make something different for dinner when one of the ingredients is out of stock.

I think about people for whom home is not a safe place. Ever. 

I am more aware of people who live solitary lives and how much it means to them to go to church or the grocery or the library. 

I hope and pray I don’t forget this when I am free to move about. 



For being at home, I am still very tired a lot. I can’t say I lay awake at night, but I feel like I am not rested. 

This is an unsettling time. 

We need to acknowledge that to ourselves and to others and remember to extend the same grace to them and to ourselves. 

Blessings < 3

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  1. Identifying with much of what you say, I am glad not to be alone in my thoughts and feelings. Only one week and one day to go, but who’s counting? Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate that what I said resonated with someone! We don’t know for sure what the next opening up phase will look like and there is quite a bit of adjustment that will have to take place…prayers for our leaders to move forward with wisdom and for those who have been hit hard to be able to recover well!

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