Is happiness really all that matters or could there be something more?

Several times in the past few months I have heard adults end some sort of conversation about young people with a sentiment that basically summarizes life as….

Well…as long as they are happy, that’s all that matters. 

And I wonder.

Because, of course, I would choose for our loved ones to be happy and not sad …. but is our “happiness” the ultimate goal for our existence.

I think not.

Having jotted down this particular topic to address earlier in the week,  I found my confirmation for this post while reading through today’s portions from Psalms 16 – 18.

As I read Psalm 16, the words of the psalmist echoed through time to breathe truth into this sense of concern in my spirit about our pursuit of happiness as our ultimate goal, particularly in this day and age.

So here is my paraphrase of Psalm 16: 7-11:

<3 The LORD, Himself, He alone is what fills my emptiness and need. I find my contentment in Him and He is the fullness of my life.

<3 He holds the edges of my life together, He holds all the boundaries of all that I was meant to have and these are pleasing and satisfying and to be enjoyed.

<3 Because it is the LORD who has established the parameters of my existence and relationships and purpose in pleasant ways…I can know that what comes of the fruit of my life will be good.

<3 I bless Him! I bless His Name and His character and His nature! I give glory and honor and praise to Him and to Him alone!

<3 His Spirit has whispered instruction to my inner man day and night. Literally as I move about my days and as I sleep at night; when I have sought His wisdom with my whole heart, He has counseled me and given me knowledge and understanding beyond what I could know.

<3 In the same way, in the spiritual “daylight hours” and “night seasons” of the journey…He has guided me and guarded me. Whether I could see with clarity or my understanding was clouded…He has been faithful to lead me when I seek Him. He has held me steady.

And because of all of THIS…

because of the things I have declared about Him….

I am glad in my heart.

Yes, I am happy because I am filled with JOY.

I am able to rejoice in my spirit and all that is flesh and bone in me is filled with…


Because I know I am redeemed…

Because I know You traded Your life for mine.

Because I know that, although You passed through death…


and that I have followed You from death in sin to life eternal.

And because of THIS…

all of THIS…

I am filled with JOY

and I am happy.

Because YOU, O LORD…..not my happiness…are all that matters.




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  1. And Amen and Amen!!! He alone! Living these 57 years of life and having known love, the Best LOVE is between my Heavenly Father and me. When you can settle that, then you know real Love. I cannot say that I am perfect with it, but I do my best and He does the rest! He is my best Friend. No other can satisfy like Him. Like the song, “Can’t Nobody do me like Jesus.” That is the truth. Thank you Laura for sharing your heart. God bless you sister!

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