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It’s not a question of who are “they”…but rather….Whose are YOU?

Every now and then, I will be talking about some unnamed force that is throwing some obvious wrench into my daily routine by referring to “they”…

as in…

“They” are doing road construction on the path I take to work and I have to find an alternate route.

Only I forget.

every. single.time.

until I hit the roadblock.


“They” have closed the store at the mall that was my go-to for jeans and now I have to find some other source of garment to fit this one-size-fits-not-me-body.

“They” have stopped teaching cursive writing and as hard as it was for our family, who did learn this form of handwriting in school, to decipher my script…how on earth will our grandchildren stand a prayer to read my scribbles?

“They” pass laws I don’t agree with and change the order of the way things have always been done and stop making my favorite fragrance and reformulate the paint we need to redo our trim in the hallway and I…

have to adjust.

So over the years my husband has developed a response that jerks me out of my rant by making me stop and laugh and feel less victimized.

He looks over the top of his readers or glances sideways at me from whatever he was doing that I interrupted, and he simply asks…

“Who are “they“, Laura?”

And I realize I have imagined some kind of conspiracy of anonymous faces who have secretly met somewhere and determined to wreak havoc on me personally.

Oh there are forces at work in this world, we can be sure of that.

And they are forces that are pitted against God and His children.

But God’s Word is clear…the human “they’s” are not the enemy.

And it really isn’t a matter of who “they” are anyway.

It is more accurately about who am I in the midst of the hurdles, inconveniences, detours and distractions that make up life on planet earth.

And who I am is rooted in “I AM

This journey is not about what “they” are doing, have done, or will do.

This journey is about my relationship with Jehovah, I AM, Elohim, Yahweh…

and what His Son is doing, has done and will do…

through His Spirit…

in me…with me…through me.

Me…myself…and I….

Blood-bought…Spirit-led…Child of God…

and how I respond to what “they” are doing.

So I ask you, because I love you…

how are YOU doing with what THEY are doing in your life?

God bless you as you work that out…you are not alone…God is with us and we can take heart…He HAS overcome the “they’s” <3



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