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The hidden value of hiding the Word in your heart <3

At the Saturday evening service our pastor shared a bookmark style paper that was in our bulletins.

It had a variety of keywords in various fonts and then a Scripture passage noted under each theme word.

He shared that these were some of the portions of God’s Word that he had memorized long ago and were go-to’s for him in navigating life over the years.

As often happens for those of us who stand up in front of a group of people with prepared teachings…God did what He loves to do to expose us as a the real deal in front of the people we are trying to reach.

The Holy Spirit decided to stretch this dear man in front of multiple pairs of eyes and push him out on a limb where all pretense must fall away and the rubber meets the road…and Wayne decided to recite the verses.

And I loved it.

Because he didn’t say them word for word from any known version or translation of the Bible.

He said them from his heart.

The gist and meat of them.

The heart of the Word of God that was written on his own human heart.

Oh, the original and nicely ordered words had been impressed on his brain and recorded in his memory over the years.

But the Spirit of God breathed into those words has marked and changed and shaped who he is…

and that is what flowed out to us.

And that is why, my friends…

we must read…



God’s Word.

So that it is etched into the fiber of our being.

Molding us…

shaping us…

transforming us.

We do not have to worry that we can spout off to perfection the written word of God.

If we will do the discipline of study and memorization, God will take His finger and He will engrave His truth on our very being.

And the life we live will provide an authentic background for the Word-shaped words that we speak.

God bless you all today.

Get in the Word and get the Word into your heart  <3

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  1. Love your summarize. It is so true we need the strength of the Word in us to handle the difficulty of today.

    1. Amen. So often I focus on memorizing the words exactly … which is good…but to meditate on what they say is so very important. To get it ingrained in my heart so that it changes me.

  2. Agreed! The Holy Spirit cannot bring to our remembrance a scripture that will minister to us if we haven’t memorized anything in the Word and planted it in our hearts.

    1. Truth, right there! Beautiful promises and words of guidance that help us make good choices that bring life to us and to others.

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