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It’s the re-entry that gets me every time…


Happy Thursday!

I think we need an uplifting book by Dr Seuss or a television special about how some Grinch stole New Years.

Because this week of January gets me every year.

First off, we are no longer receiving Christmas cards from friends and family…

however about every other day I get one WE sent that has been returned ….

with the new address on a yellow sticker stuck to the bottom announcing an expired forwarding order.

These are in a stack waiting for me to find envelopes to fit the card…

right next to the pile of bills that are starting to come in.

Then there is the matter of how we always resume “healthy eating”.

Which is just irritating.

I think back to my breakfasts of cookies followed by leftovers of yummy comfort food from one of the many feasts we had prepared.


This would tide me over until we went out to meet friends for dinner or had people over or popped in a frozen pizza.

All of these foods were easy to consume, whereas, let’s face it….

IMG_8778salad is not fun to eat.

It doesn’t behave on a fork. It’s messy going in the mouth. And it takes FOREVER to chew up.

While potato chips and dark chocolate melt in your mouth; quinoa and broccoli shrapnel hide in your teeth for hours.

If not days.

Then there are the piles of paper that were tucked away to make room for company, the dust that collected under the lovely Christmas decorations and the unavoidable urge to get organized.

We are either exhausted or coming down with something or both.


It is that time of year when I realize once again why it is called “discipline” and why holidays are the exception…not the norm.

And it is now more than ever I am so thankful that He is Emmanuel…

God with us…

that His strength is made perfect in my weakness…

that through Him I can do all things.

Especially when the all things includes overcoming my natural post-holiday Grinchiness as I transition back to normal, every-day living.

How are you doing in the move from the holidays to the working out of life in the year that lies ahead?

Let’s help and encourage each other to stay grounded in Him as we….


journey onward <3

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