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Just a thought from Corn Country….

If you live in the Midwest you know why Chicago is called the Windy City.

The whole dang state is windy.

Yesterday as I was walking I saw these stalks bending with the gust that was coming across the prairie.

I was able to get my hair out of my eyes enough to snap a picture and it reminded me of what I have heard about corn.

It’s grown close together so the whole crop can withstand the winds and storms.

One stalk by itself or lots of stalks planted far apart won’t last long.

Today the wind wasn’t blowing so hard and yet, I noticed these stalks are all a little bent still. Curved from the many days when the wind blew hard agains them.

Lucky them.

They are all still standing, all carrying the same marks of surviving the storm.

Let’s learn from the corn.

Let’s stay close to each other and support one another in the storms.

And in the good times too.


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