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Just as I am


Good morning and….


Yes, I am visiting our son who has just become a Texan in 2015.

So I am sitting in my room mulling over yesterday and looking forward to exploring his new home town with him today.

While the sermon was on seeking wisdom based on James 1, one of the things that stuck with me was a line from one of the songs…can’t for the life of me remember the name OF the song…but the line was “All I am is yours…”

As the music and the teaching and the marvel of God washed over, and I sang those words; I wondered…just what ‘all I am’ is…

cause it seems the answer, at first is, not much.

And that is the truth. I really didn’t bring much to the table when I came to Christ.

And all that I am…all that is worthy…all that is good and right and true…well, is what is His in me.

All the good parts of my life are because of what Christ has done…in me, with me, through me, in spite of me…

All I have is not only what I give to Him but all the bounty-beyond-what-I-could-think-to-ask-or-imagine…all…ALL…IS…HIS <3

Now let’s go explore Austin….

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    1. We had a wonderful day exploring Austin – went too fast!!!
      And why do all the cute, sweet canine shoppers come in on days I am not working???? <3

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