Just so much I don’t understand…


A couple of days ago, I swiped the face of my phone to the right because I discovered a while back that there is some kind of news feed feature that pops up.

It must have been a slow news day, because the lead story was about a celebrity roast that had been filmed for a comedy network.

COMEDY network.

As in, they are in the business to entertain us all with laughter.


The article was somewhat like passing a horrible accident.

I didn’t want to look and yet I couldn’t turn away.

There was just all kinds of wrong about it.

First off, the whole idea of a “roast” has always made me uncomfortable.

The whole premise of “we want to honor you by making fun of you publicly” is just weird to me.

Case in point, the article touched on the delightful anticipation of all the hilarity available due to the featured “honoree’s” many failed efforts in his field, multiple foibles and shortcomings in his personal life and his facial features and physical appearance.

It also included how the whole event had taken a unanimous turn to include a vicious verbal attack on someone the roasters didn’t like.

So basically, this group of talented comedians got together and said mean and nasty things about two people…

But it was acceptable and funny for the one they like…


in this culture…

acceptable and funny for the one they don’t like.

Perhaps we see here why our children might be struggling a bit to understand the rules and concepts of “bullying”.

Because apparently, there is a rather complex set of guidelines for who can say ugly things that disparage a person or group of people,what you can say, when you can say it.

And to be honest…

I am a grown woman and I have trouble seeing the difference between jokes made on a talk show that slam a person based on their beliefs or physical features and the taunts of children on the playground for the same things.

This is not a new problem and thankfully we have God’s abiding truth in the midst of these confused and confusing times….

Words kill,

words give life;

they’re either poison or fruit.

You choose.

Proverbs 18:21 The Message

May God bless you today as we continue to choose LIFE…in Christ….over the ways of this world <3





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