Hellooooooo MoNdAy!

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So if nothing else…THAT should make you smile <3

We had a wild and busy weekend and since every. single. thing. I read this morning had some variation on this theme….”Read your BIBLE And PRAY”….I am headed off for some time to do EXACTLY THAT….before I launch into …. gulp….Monday…

but I wanted to make sure I leave you a little encouragement in case you stopped by…


This sweet prayer is one I found in an email or reading …

and it MAY have been the Today God Is First: Daily Workplace Inspiration, so will give them the credit and if it was someone else…


Hallelujah! Then the Glory really goes to God anyway so…thanks for letting me use your prayer….

I typed mine out and have it in by the ¬†mirror where I do my face and hair each morning…

so I can present my heart to the One who can beautify it….

while I make my outside presentable for viewing…


Dear Father God,

This morning, I need a fresh start to the day.

Please anoint me for the tasks at hand.

Anoint me that I may have

a joyful spirit,

a compassionate heart,

an energetic body,

a clear mind,

a spiritual eye and ears to hear.

Provide fresh anointing that I may do Your will

and bless others for Your glory.

I want to be what You want me to be.

Thank You for Your anointing

on the life

You have given me.

In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen <3


Such a simple prayer and yet, as I meditate on those qualities that I deeply desire each morning, I love that this prayer asks for them as “anointing” ….

an outpouring from His Holiness onto my humanity.

These are not qualities I can muster up out of myself, but instead they will only flow as gifts of the Spirit into my spirit.

I love that it reminds me, it is not I who live….but Christ who lives within me…the life I live now is His gift of His life …. lived through this jar of clay.

God bless each one of ¬†you this lovely Monday morning….<3

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  1. I love this! Let us truly walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit this day so that the world will see God at work. If they don’t see Him in us, will they even see Him? Let’s use every opportunity to show Jesus to those around us. We will look different, but that’s a good thing!!

    1. I know Susan! It is so “simple” and yet has to be understood and applied EVERY day…I am nothing without His Spirit poured out over my humanity. I may be kind on good days when all is going well, but that isn’t the point. And even my most “kind” moments in and of me, those are nothing of value if His Spirit is not attending my moments! God bless you dear! Can’t wait to see what lovely inspirations you come up with using God’s Autumn beauties!!! =0)

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