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Just the way we are <3


I have had a variety of part time jobs in my life.


I have had a zillion part time jobs and only one short stint of a full time job that lasted from 1982-1984…but who’s counting.

One of those jobs was as a sub in the public schools for a number of years.

I enjoyed subbing in our kids’ school most of all because I knew the teachers and, more importantly the parents, which is great leverage as a sub. Trust me.

Sometimes as I chatted with a teacher later about how the day went we would find out that the one kid that drove me up a wall was her favorite student and the one that I thought was a huge help was her worst nightmare.

Because we are humans.

And we are wired differently.

So we have preferences about who we like and who we find annoying.


Our quirks and unique personalities can prove charming or irritating depending on who is dealing with us.

And we can tend to think that God operates like that.

But He doesn’t.

He finds all sin deplorable (thank you presidential candidates for reminding us how offensive THAT word is…)


He finds all humanity worth saving.

He loves us and desires that none of us perish.

He has no favorites and yet all are favored.

We can do nothing to make Him love us more…nor can we do anything to make Him love us less.


He sends us all sun and rain, moon and stars.

He loves us so intensely …

so abundantly…

so extravagantly.

He loves you, over there, who thinks you messed it up too big this time…

and you, who lost it with your kiddos today…multiple times…

and you, who think you might just quit the whole church thing because it isn’t working for you like you thought…

and you, who have tried a hundred thousand times to stop that thing that you hate doing but then…you do it again..

and you, who have cried out one too many nights and are thinking He must not care…or worse…has turned His back on you…

Yes, He loves you…

and me.

Yes, God loves us…

the Bible tells me so <3


For God so loved the world, that He sent His only Son…that whoever believes IN HIM….will not perish…but will have everlasting life. John 3:16

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