If it really bothers you, do something tangible to make a difference


I was the mother of three when my dear neighbor and friend asked me one day what I thought about abortion.

My response was well-rehearsed from the information that had been poured into my head by the good common sense I had gleaned from listening to the world.

It basically went like this…

and I will tell you, if you cringe reading it…

just imagine how much I cringe typing it….

“I believe that an embryo is a human being from conception, but if one of our daughters was raped and became pregnant, I would want to know that their rights are protected to not have to carry that baby. I would want to be able to know that I could advocate for them legally.”


To which she responded, with much grace mind you…

Who speaks for the rights of the child?

And in that instant…in that gentle question…I moved from the Choice camp to the Pro-Life camp and I have not gone back.

I can’t.

One of the comments I heard following the debate from Monday night was how disappointed some people were that Hillary was not called out about her position on abortion.

I can not speak to that…

or how Trump feels…

or how the governing of our own state can be convinced of what I was convicted of.


But this I know….

Last night we attended the New Life Pregnancy Center annual banquet.

We had a great evening with good food, good laughter, good company and good information about what this ministry does for those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

We were told the number of lives of babies that were saved last year…

of mothers and fathers who are being equipped with knowledge to provide the best home for their babies…

whether to become better parents or to make the sacrifice of allowing someone else to parent their child.

We were blessed by the testimony of a young woman who has experienced the healing restoration that came when she turned to Jesus Christ following the regret of her own exercise of choice and now ministers to post-abortion women to bring them to healing and forgiveness and restoration and NEW LIFE.


You and I may not be offered help in the political arena to stand for this cause that we believe in…

the rights of the unborn.

But we do have a resource to make a difference.

And it is found through the local crisis pregnancy centers.

If you missed the banquet, don’t miss the invitation.

Get involved.

With your money.

With your time.

With your prayers.

The director of NLPC here in Decatur once asked me a pointed question….

I will leave that with you today…

“What are YOU doing to advocate for the rights of those who have no voice?”



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  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. My prayer is that these women, mere girls sometimes, will know the love of Jesus Christ through the hands of those of us who treasure them and their little ones. Every good and perfect gift is from above, and such precious gifts are those without a voice. Love you dear friend

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