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Keeping time



For our 30th anniversary I gave Russ a really nice watch. Because, well…30 years with me? Deserves some serious recognition. It is beyond me how it does this, but it never needs winding. Somehow it keeps going just by him wearing it. (You can’t even imagine how I puzzle over such things as wireless internet and satellite television.)

Well not to be outdone, he gave me the lady’s model of the same watch. He has given me many watches over the years, probably in hopes I would start using them as a time-keeping device for punctuality…dream on…but this one is special for several reasons so I take extra good care of it.

Some days I don’t put it on in the morning since I know I will be cleaning and going to the gym. I always remember at some point in the day to run and slip it on so I can keep it “wound”. Not that I couldn’t reset if stopped, but I’m kind of legalistic about these things.

Last Wednesday I was going to time something at work with the second hand, and it seemed odd that it was moving in 5 second spurts. I tried to remember if it had always moved like this, but no…I decided this was not normal. I feared I had done something to dislodge some gizmo that kept it all together.

After work I ran in the jewelry store to see what might be wrong. The jeweler assured me there was no worry. The battery must be low and this is the indicator.

Battery??? There’s a battery in my watch?

It turns out that all along, I have not had a self-winding watch. It wouldn’t have mattered if I put the watch on and wriggled my wrist at the end of the day or let it lie on the dresser for several days in a row…the watch was never running on my power.

Nor is my life.

I often act as if it is up to me to fuel the energy of my life. But I am not the source and life-giver of me.

There is a power in me that keeps this girl ticking. He fuels my soul and feeds my spirit. And it is in Him that I am re-charged and renewed each and every day.

When I am running out of steam and jerking through life in an unhealthy pattern, it usually means that I have neglected the Source of life for me that is found by spending time in prayer and study of God’s Word.

Take TIME to let Him strengthen and sustain you; then WATCH and wait…He is able to set you on the right path <3

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