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Sometimes it’s the little things…


Last weekend while the boys were here, I was in the kitchen doing a couple of things and kind of listening to them playing in the family room and chattering with Papi.

At one point, Russ said something about Rachel playing with some of these toys as a child.

I heard Graham ask, “Did you and Lola take care of my mommy when she was a little girl?”

Russ answered yes and after a pause, Graham said in the softest voice, “Thank you. You guys are the best.”

You don’t really get a paycheck for parenting, but this…this is priceless.

God bless you with some kind of sweet treasure this weekend!

Cause you guys…you are the best, too <3

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    1. I cry every time I think of it. It’s tucked away in that treasure box in my heart with the most special of memories <3

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