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Labor Day <3

I have been making a conscious effort for a couple of months now to roll out of bed and straight onto my knees.

The idea is to literally start the day kneeling before God as a sign of surrender of me, my life, my me-ness to HIM. I started the practice with a paraphrase of Romans 12:1-2 but the past week, I found it kind of becoming too rote.

It’s not that I don’t mean the words, it is tempting to just mumble it, get up and not have it impact my thinking.

So this week, I have been saying something new….

This is the day…..


……that the LORD has made….


I will rejoice ….

and be glad…


in it….

Whatever it brings…wherever I go….

This day is handmade by my loving Creator God.

And whatever happens….

I will


in the day

He has made <3


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