This weekend marks the official end of summer in my mind.

Of course, we will most likely have at least 4 weeks of mostly hot and humid weather mixed with rain (just in time for harvest)…before we actually enjoy the week of cool, crisp days…

But I am ready to switch out the summer clothes, pull out the pumpkins and think about soup recipes…

Seasons are a wonderful thing. Each one has its own challenges, charms and feel.

As kids head back to school, even if you don’t have them at home any longer, there is a restoring to a sense of order to the days.

And God’s beauty is displayed in each.

I hope you will enjoy the Labor Day weekend and grab the last slices of watermelon and corn on the cob. Water the plants a few more times on your porch. Linger outside to watch the sunset.

Be blessed in all you do <3


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