Spam and such

I just cleaned 71 items out of the spam filter on this account. And that is an accumulation from Thursday.

On an average day, I bring in 5 pieces of mail and counting bills, probably only 5 a WEEK are NOT junk mail.

Between shredding and deleting, much of my life is spent getting rid of unwanted, unsolicited and potentially damaging communications.

But what about the stuff I am exposed to from bumper stickers, billboards, commercials, and general conversations overheard and engaged in out in the world.

Honestly, those are hard to delete.

But every morning, I sit down with God’s Word open. I work through the daily reading – I purge my mind and my heart of the unwanted, unproductive junk mail that seeped in from the day before.

Throughout the day, I must maintain the Truth that He poured in that morning. It is by filling my mind with His Word that a “filter” is created. The Holy Spirit identifies the Spam of life that will bombard me all day.

Today it was from the Psalms that I drew strength.

Psalm 103

Bless the LORD, O my soul!

All that is within me, Bless His HOLY NAME!!!

Don’t forget everything He has done…remind yourself of His wonderful works!!!


the way He has forgiven all ….. ALL … of your sins….


healed you of ALL of your dis-eases…..


redeemed your LIFE from DESTRUCTION….


crowned your head….put a blessed crown right on your human bowed imperfect head….a crown of ….

lovingkindness…..loving – kind-ness

and MERCY….

and well…..



He has cleaned out my spam folder, and washed away my doubts and sins and shortcomings and gaffs and outright rebellion and redeemed – bought back – claimed for me – my life from the PIT!!!

And, I laid down the fears and doubts of current trials and I am taking God at His Word and starting this day off renewed….refreshed….armed ….. and ….

dangerous! <3


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