Last day

It’s a big day for me, so I have to be honest with you. I am interrupting Lenten meditations with a slice of real life because that’s what’s going on.

Russ calls me the Queen of Part-time Jobs. I have held down an extraordinary number of them over my life. I even earned a “pension” on two of them….what can I say…..

So today I am ending job #….hmmm….not sure….oh well, I have lost count….

and it is bittersweet.

The timing was right and God dropped a new job in my lap a week ago Monday that is much better hours for our life right now.

Last night I ran the vacuum for the last time over the carpeting of the store and reminisced in mental snap shots many happy memories of co-workers, customers, and clothing. Retail is a ministry, to be sure. I ministered and was ministered to.

And I look forward to the next chapter of what God has for me.

God bless you today at what you put your hand to. It is all for the glory of God!!!

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