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Leaving you a message….after the beep<3


I am hanging out with three little cuties this afternoon…well, two…one is still in school at the moment and the other two are napping.

Which is why I can get this little post jotted down for you.

Because these three are verbal.

For sure.

And I don’t want to miss a single word, so there’s none of this typing and thinking stuff going on when they are running around me.


I am a collector of their pictures and stories and words…

and I am thankful we have technology to capture those little voices.

Papi and I have one answering machine full of messages from them..and actually some from our own kiddos…and now we have a new one accumulating them.

I just can’t erase them and sometimes I listen through all of them one by one as I work around our room doing my chores.

This morning I did that before I left.

There was Graham being coached to say “Happy New Year!” although it came out more like Appy…new….Ear!

And the there is…”Thank you for the tickets to Steak and Shake”, which were really coupons for discounts but if he wants to think we got him tickets…so be it.


One of the things I dearly love about these messages is the coaching from mommy coming from the background….

you can hear our own daughter’s voice prompting them what to say, and their dutiful repetition of it in their own sweet, little dialect.

She is teaching them about how to communicate and how to express love and gratitude.

She is teaching them the importance of connecting and how to handle disappointment when the person you thought was going to respond, didn’t, and you are stuck talking to a machine that doesn’t answer back.

This, too, is parenting.

So when God says I am His child and that He will instruct me…I can see how I need to listen to my coach…follow what He says…imitate His words so that I will know how to…




handle disappointments…


I do it by reading His Word, spending time in prayer and then…applying it…actively…every day.

God bless you this weekend with some fun chatter with people you love, some rest, some work and some time with your Father….He has a lot to tell us if only we would listen <3

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  1. Wonderful! Grandchildren bring so much love and joy into our lives. I love to hear my daughter’s laughter as she watches her daughter’s actions and responds to her words. I’m thankful that I get to replay videos of my granddaughter also. Too cute! Thank you God for the people you bring to us to love and coach. It is a great responsibility but comes with a huge amount of joy.

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