Time is…well….time <3

Cactus in a teapot Taken at the Hummingbird Cafe San Juan Capistrano CA

I know there are a few of you out there who may not like pumpkin and enjoy the warmer temps of summer; even if and including the…gasp…humidity.

And while I love you dearly…I do not understand you and we will just have to agree to disagree.

Because Fall is probably my top favorite season in the Midwest.

I love the colors, the crispness, the foods, the sights, the smells, the sounds….


all of it.

So like a lot of you, I am just biding my old-fashioned- traditional – ingrained habit of waiting for Labor Day to signal the swan song of summer and then… all things pumpkin….here I come!

Today a dear friend had dropped an iced tea off for me at work.

While we were chatting, one of the delivery guys came through the door toting a box on his shoulder.

Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead and his dark uniform radiated heat from being out in the sun.

As I signed for the package and thanked him, my friend commented that he was probably ready for the cooler weather we have been promised next week.

With a wide grin, he shook his head and said…




he didn’t want to rush one moment of one single day.

In fact, he said, he would like time to stop spinning so fast…

and he wished we all would just slow down.

He smilingly told us that he wanted to finish enjoying summer…

and then he would enjoy fall…

and then he planned to enjoy winter.


This man…

who has Corporate breathing down his neck every single day…

making sure he completes his schedule in X amount of time…

or else…

because time is money…


spoke wisdom.


I don’t know if he is a believer.

My guess?

He is.

I do know what he said resonates with the Daniel study we just completed in our Sunday School class.

It was based on a sermon series from Grace Covenant Church in Austin, Texas called *”THRIVE: How to Live Well in an Unwell World”*

And it’s all about the very thing this joyful man spoke this morning as he went about his daily route.

He was kind.

He was honest.

He was pointing us to a better attitude.

He was content in the crazy world he moves around in.


And after a brief encounter with my friend and me, he profoundly impacted our day and our outlook.

I pray we all would be so willing to engage in meaningful exchanges with those who cross our paths…

iron sharpening iron…

as we ….

journey onward <3

*(You can catch all six of these excellent sermons by visiting http://www.grace360.org/sermons and select the green “THRIVE” option)

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  1. The thought just came to me; why would we think God should grant us another day when we aren’t even appreciating today because we are way too concerned with some other day in the future? Let’s not waste the gift of today; it truly is a gift and we honor God by being content and grateful for everything from His hand. Good message, Laura. Let’s keep passing it on!

    1. Thank you Susan <3 We just have to keep encouraging one another to live in the moment we are given. I certainly need reminders!

  2. Such a wise man. God sent him along to make you think, then He sent you along to make us think. You do that so well, my friend! Glad I am journeying onward with you even if from afar!

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