Let Freedom Ring

The past few years I have subscribed to a couple of magazines as a way to be more aware of current information and trends going out to women in the media. I try a different one each year.

This year, as usual, I just ignored the renewal notices that started the typical 5 months before the expiration date of my current reading material. However, my 2013 selection was a formidable force to break away from.

The magazine kept arriving long past the 12 month time frame. Each month I also received a notice in an attempt to intimidate me into renewing my subscription.

The letters stated that they were very disappointed in me. It seems when I had signed up for their magazine, they had sent them in good faith, believing that I would make my payments. Well, ouch.

The clincher was that if I didn’t send my payment, they were going to cancel my subscription.

Uh. Ok. That’s kind of what I thought they would do when I didn’t renew it, but whatever.

The problem is, it bothered me.

Ridiculous and and manipulative as their tactics were, it was unsettling to me to be accused of not following through with a commitment.

I found myself drafting letters to the president of the company explaining how I had paid my first year, but did not renew so I was not negligent at all. I worried that the employees were sitting around the break room talking about dead beat customers like me. I considered checking our credit rating to see if we had dropped some points.

Ok…I am exaggerating.

Except for the part about drafting the letter.

Because in truth, even false accusations hurt. Especially when they come from a nameless, faceless, large entity that I have no way of explaining myself to.

Which, gulp, is kind of how I once stood before God. Only the accusations were anything but false.

I once stood as one who was righteously accused before the largest of Entities, with absolutely no way of explaining myself. He has a Name. He has a Face. And of all the crazy things, He is my One Defense.

While I stood guilty, He, who was guiltless, paid my debt.

Talk about Freedom. Spared from the fire, to enjoy the celebration.

I hope you have a blessed, happy, safe, guiltless, freedom-filled Fourth of July <3

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  1. Laura, this is so true. Theron and I laughed when we read this about the magazines. I have been stopping all magazines, but still get billed. Hoping someday they get the hint that I’m thru with them.

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