The Lord taketh away….and giveth….

So….remember how I dropped that soda on the sidewalk last Friday?

Well, today I gave it another shot. Asked the Lord if He would mind me having a soda today while I got some of the BEST popcorn in, possibly the world, to take to our family this weekend.

I felt a nod, so bought the popcorn and ordered the soda.

Not only did the machine flow as a fountain, but the girl asked me if I wanted reduced ice…what??? YES!!!! Because I don’t want to buy a cup of ice, I want a soda….and then. THEN!!! more than I could have asked or imagined….

She tells me that the cup is reusable and for as long as it lasts, I can bring it in and get refills for 50 cents!!


And all on a day in the low 70’s with no humidity.

Pinch me.

I must be dreaming….

I hope the Lord delights you with some surprises today <3

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