Like a child <3


I am sitting here waiting for a flight to be called, marveling that I am traveling again. I am also mildly grousing that for the next several hours I am going to be breathing through a mask yet I am grateful for the opportunity. 

While I am a die-hard homebody, I also love to travel.

The hardest part is always getting my belongings packed and knowing I am leaving the comfort of home. Also, this trip is solo. Russ is gifting me to attend another writer conference so yesterday I fought low levels of fear.

It’s not that I think I can’t do it; I have done this traveling alone enough that I have confidence.

But I have never been on THIS trip before and so I had to tell God what He already knew at one point. 

I told Him I was feeling a little scared and unsure but I knew He would be going with me and I let that truth settle me. 

This past week I was reading a book to Joel and the subject was weather. As they talked about storm and rain the material mentioned that sometimes storms can frighten us and then in the margin was a little verse to memorize that when we are afraid we can call on God. 

I asked Joel if storms scared him. 


So I asked him what he is afraid of. 

He thought a minute and said nothing. 

I asked him again if he never feels afraid and he thought one more time and then innocently shook his head no. 

As he turned those heavily lashed eyes and freckled nose back the pages of the weather book, I had to smile. 

No Joel. You probably are not afraid. 

You have been securely cushioned in the middle of two older brothers and a little sister who pretty much don’t cause you much trouble.

As the third of four he is anxious to follow the leadership of the older two and he has never known he actually existed before Caroline. 

My little Achilles’ Heel is typically flying under the radar and there is always some adult’s arm ready to wrap around him when he comes in for a hug. 

God wants us to be like Joel.

Confident that we are loved and cared for with no need to fear. 


Bless you sweet friends. 

You are loved

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  1. Oh, to be like Joel! May he never know the fear of things he really can’t control, and always have faith that “God’s got this!” Enjoy your trip!

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