Wrapping up the week <3


Hello and welcome!

We have a full weekend ahead so just a short and quick thought for you and then it’s off to the races for me.

This week there was an obituary in the local paper for a woman that both Russ and I felt like we should know. We read the names of family and nothing clicked. I had such positive feelings about some kind of past relationship with her as did Russ; but we couldn’t come up with how we knew her. A few days later I saw her obituary posted on Facebook by someone else and read through the comments people were leaving to see if I could figure out our connection with her. 

As I read through the various posts from people, it would seem she made the same impression on all of them as she did Russ and me.

All words pointed to her smile, her joyful attitude and how she made people feel so welcome. Turns out she worked at Sams Club. As soon as I read that I realized that was how we knew her too. We didn’t really “know” her, but our experiences with her left a positive impression. 

I will be honest, I don’t know if she was a believer or not, but she seemed to influence a lot of people in our community in a good and cheerful way just doing her job with a smile.

Something to think about, right?

I work with the public and although my smile is covered up these days, I have the opportunity to listen to their stories, be helpful and make their day better. I have that same opportunity with our family and friends and people I pass on the street. 

We aren’t always feeling up beat, especially these days, but wow…what a difference we can make in the lives of our fellow travelers as we all…you know…journey onward <3

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