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Looking Good


I got my hair cut on Tuesday, and received numerous compliments all day. Sometimes repeated from the same person. Almost in astonishment. Like…wow…your hair really looks good.

This happens every 5 – 6 weeks for me. That one day, it’s like I have great hair.

I smile, say thanks, give all the credit to the master of hair magic, Laura Rennert/Hair Today…and suggest people enjoy it because tomorrow, it’s going to look like it always does.

Unremarkable, passable, ok.

I have tried to get Laura to come to my house every morning and fix it for me, but she seems to have this priority thing going and prefers getting her children off to school. Whatever.

Laura is a gifted professional. She knows hair. She knows my hair. She has the advantage point of standing over me and being able to use both her hands in different angles than I can achieve. She has amazing tools and product on hand that work perfectly for me.

Thankfully she also gives me a good cut that I can work with, but people just know when I have been in her presence.

My hair isn’t my only deficit. I have inward beauty issues as well. So every morning I sit down for something that can be called devotions or quiet time.

I spend time with the Professional. He knows me. He made me. He has the advantage point of viewing me and working on me from angles I can’t reach. He shapes me and transforms me, making me better than I would have been.

I pray each and every day that people will notice a difference because I have been in His Presence.

If I receive a compliment, I can hand it right back to Him and give Him the credit.

And the beauty of it is, He manages to do this for me and ALL of His children at the same time.

God bless you as you make time to be in His Presence each day <3

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