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What you can’t see, can hurt you….


And….we had more issues with our electronics.

Nothing major, just the TV pixelating the last 30 minutes of the Super Bowl game…we finally called and they said we could try the 5 – 7 minute reboot of the system….with 8 minutes left in the game. No thank you.

They also detected some kind of issue in the wires and sent a repairman out yesterday. In the process of his investigation, he informed me he might need to look behind all the phone jacks.

There are a ton in this house, so I got a flashlight to start searching which pieces of furniture they are behind…and oh my…

While we boast a fair amount of clutter, we are not unclean around here. I dust and vacuum enough to keep the health department at bay, but shining a flashlight behind large pieces of furniture revealed an alarming truth.

Either our walls and baseboards are fur-lined or large amounts of dust have been quietly gathering strength.

Oh, I have the removal tools…hoses and attachments on the vacuum, two long handled dusters from Norwex, and the old dishcloth on a yard stick would work.

And now that I know what’s back there, believe me – I am going to be very busy eliminating!

But it took the focus of that beam of light to reveal to me what was hiding.

It is so important to shine God’s light into the deep places of our lives. Only then can we expose the dirt that has slipped by unnoticed and use the tools He has provided to remove it!

Acknowledge it, confess it, ask for forgiveness, and if needed; ask for help in removing it!

Bless you as you “clean house” thoroughly!

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