Lost and found

Happy Thursday!

So the following story has not been backed up with facts. I am just telling it to you the way it happened because it suits my point…

A few weeks ago, I met Rachel and the boys at a store at the mall. She took Emmett in the stroller for a quick power shop, while Graham and I explored the rest of the store at his pace.

At one point, he looked around with great concern and asked where his mommy was. He then expressed his fear that she had gotten lost…again….

Ok. I knew this would be good so I asked some questions. It seems that BOTH mommy AND daddy had gone missing at the school picnic earlier that week. Thankfully, his teacher had been able to find them.

When Rachel reappeared a little while later, I commented that it was good to see she hadn’t gotten lost like at the picnic. Her eyes widened trying to fathom what I could possibly be talking about.

Then in true humbled-mommy fashion, with only the slightest hint of a rolling of the eyes, she nodded her head. Yes, she and Zach had “relocated without telling him” while Graham was on the playground. And, yes, his teacher helped him find them.

Even with my extreme prejudice in his favor, I can figure out that HE lost track of THEM.

Scared, he found his teacher, who probably used this phrase to save the esteem of a 3 year old at his first school wide event. I am also pretty sure they had one eye on him wherever they “relocated” to.

I do this with God. I get busy playing. Then I look up and He isn’t where He was before I got distracted.

He’s not lost. I am.

He does relocate, but yet remains the same.

He is the only one that is always doing something new but never changes.

Me? I have a tendency to do the same old thing in new ways until I realize that somehow I have lost sight of Him.

I think it’s just best all around, in all the events of life, to keep my eyes on Him.

If He is moving, I need to move too; and it won’t happen if I am busy and preoccupied in my own little playground.

Does God seem far away? Maybe it’s time to relocate yourself closer to Him. Does He seem close? Don’t lose sight of Him!

May God bless each of you as you follow Him wherever He leads you <3


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    1. So soooooo true….and the older I get, the more childlike my faith. I think because I understand less and less yet trust more and more that He is good and faithful in all things…especially in what I don’t or can’t understand <3

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