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Lullaby and good night <3


If you read yesterday’s post about an overnight with four littles aged eight and under, you may find today’s topic ironic, but I wanted to talk about the spiritual and physical importance of sleep. 

As I have been attempting to recover from whatever my most recent viral attack has been, I have googled every website I can find regarding flu, virus, colds and how to recover. One of the main items that appeared on every list was to take in a lot of fluids and to rest. 

Not just take it easy, mind you, but sleep. 

As I read various articles about how our bodies need sleep to heal and regenerate, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison with something I read recently (which I have tried desperately to track down so I could give you the reference…but alas…no luck so we go without it) about the correlation between sleep and trusting in God. 

Think about it. 

To lay down and go to sleep is to relinquish all control over our minds, bodies and spirits. 

Jesus sleeping in the back of the boat during a storm comes to mind. 

We see His humanity and example in this. 

He was tired. 

He was in the bottom of a fishing boat out on a lake in the dark of night. 

His safe passage was in the hands of men.

Agreed they were experienced fishermen and trained for the task from childhood, but mere men. 

And yet He slept. 

He slept deeply enough that they had to sound the alarm to rouse Him. 

He modeled life on planet earth for us in so many ways, and here is a great teaching we often miss. 

Our God is in heaven sustaining all things and there are humans down here doing their part to keep the internet spinning, the electricity and water running, fires put out, injured tended to, elderly cared for, food delivered to stores, factories running…etc etc etc…until it is their turn to sleep and our turn to work. 

And so we stop. 

We thank God for His provision and His foresight and His comfort.

And we trust Him by closing our eyes and succumbing to our need to sleep and to heal and to be refreshed because we are flesh and bone. 

Think about that the next time you lay your head down to catch eight hours or forty winks. 

Acknowledge your need for rest and your confidence that God doesn’t sleep. 

And then enter in to the sleep your body, soul, mind and spirit need.

Thank Him and rest well child <3

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