Weekend check in…I mean literally… we checked in somewhere…<3


Well, I haven’t done one of these photo journal things in a while.

I totally skipped a Christmas recap because this year I just didn’t take that many pictures and on the heels of the whole 24 day countdown with Luke, it didn’t seem appropriate.

But we took advantage of the MLK holiday and took the band of brothers and little miss thing to a hotel with a pool and it was such insane fun, I figured it might brighten your day as much as it did ours…so here we go…


These kids were all in and we had only planned to take the boys, but someone packed her Minnie Mouse suitcase and was not going to be denied.

We told mom and dad we would keep her as long as she was willing to stay and girlfriend was 100% committed.

Please note the poor man on the elevator trying to get off with his cleaning cart.

Good luck with that, sir and you may want to just take that cart back up to floor two because we most likely will be needing your services.


This crew makes themselves at home wherever they land. We got settled in and….

returned the the cart promptly with help…


We swam and ordered pizza…


which mom and dad joined us for extra hands.

Please note a couple things…the fancy party supplies..which covered a variety of holidays.

And you can see by my hair that everyone was very attentive to my pleas that Lola’s hair not get wet…yeah…right….

After pizza there was another dip in the pool and then more carbs and games…


I manned the cootie board while Papi and Graham played yahtzee…


We watched the end of the Packers/49er’s game with deep reverence for Lola.

Joel laid next to me and cheered to the bitter end with encouragement like “Come on Packers, you can do this! Win it for Lola!!!”

They didn’t.

Let’s not talk about it right now, ok?

We had stories and a blessed quiet settled.

We were concerned about Caroline being away from mommy for the night but her little mess of hair settled right in to a deep sleep and although she called out a couple of times she settled quickly and sprang into action the next morning because…


she knew there was a second swim suit in her bag for round #2 and she was adamant she needed to swim again.

Mommy and Daddy came by to say good morning while we ate breakfast and mom headed off to work while dad helped us pack up. He was taking them to a trampoline park so we came along for the grins and giggles and jumps…


Small-but-fierce decided she could do the climbing wall “all by myself”…


and it was all cute until things got real…


No worries…she survived her dismount kinda upside down and her dad was laughing so hard in that kind of nervous adrenaline rush way we have…oh my gosh…she’s a force to be reckoned with.

We bid our goodbyes and thanked the good Lord He gives us children when we are young…and we are still smiling from yet another….


Best. Day. Ever.


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