Maybe the wonder of the song isn’t how He comes to us but how we come to Him <3

As I listen to a two hour collection of hymns and carols playing from the talented hands of pianist Tim Janis this morning, my mind fills in the lyrics.

Sometimes I repeat certain verses and lines that are my favorites.

Away in the Manger is a song that was a year round lullaby in our home.

I never just left it at the end of December but sang it throughout the months to rock little Reimers to sleep.

Probably because I stand a prayer of hitting most of the notes of this easy song and then there is just the assurance in a nursery setting that Jesus knows and understands what it is to be a little one in need of comfort.

Because He allowed Himself to come to us that way.

Vulnerably in need of His earthly mother and father.

Fragile and helpless.

The God of Creation coming as one of His own.

Entering life here on earth through a birth canal just like you and me.

Experiencing all we experience.

Tempted, it says, in every way…just like us.

The lyrics of Away in the Manger are not grand and complicated.

They are spoken as a little one might speak to Jesus.

Simple words.

Humble words.

Child like words.

And perhaps that is the draw of Christmas in many ways.

All the emphasis on toys and joy, surprise and wonder, the fun of traditions and the anticipation of parties and such…because inside we are children.

And it is as children that we approach our Father.

He calls us His beloved.

He looks on us and sees His own precious Son and leans forward to meet us.


Be near me, Lord Jesus…I ask Thee to stay…close by me forever and love me, I pray. Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care. And take us to heaven to live with Thee there <3


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  1. I encourage you and your readers to google the song, A Child Like Me, if you are unfamiliar with it as I was til just recently. It’s lyrics and message are the same theme as your blog. “And you made it easy for everyone to come ‘Cause everyone loves babies, even God’s own Son. And you wrapped your power in such simplicity, Jesus I thank You for coming as a child like me.” Enjoy this season of love and hope!

  2. I love the “older” carols and Hymn’s of my younger days and most of my friends do too. We miss being able to sing them as we did back then as most have been “updated” for today’s acceptance, a friend and I spoke on Sunday during the service as we had to sing part of a carol changed, sad. Let us sometimes sing as first planned.

    1. I understand. Love the old language of the traditional hymns and the melodies. Sometimes I think they lose their depth when updated and yet there are some I really do like…all depends. Blessings as you continue to sing out His praises!

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