Oh boy it’s Monday….

I missed writing on Friday. We were gone for about a week and Friday was our return home day. We conveniently booked our flights from grandchild world, so it was a late return after grabbing dinner and play time and even getting to be there for stories and prayers. Sigh.

Now it is Monday. While we have been home now for officially 2 and a half days, my suitcases remain partially unpacked. The laundry pile  is looking more like several years ago when we had 5 under our roof and all playing multiple sports. The ironing stack has multiplied astronomically. And the kitchen table has once again disappeared under my devotionals, the mail from our absence, and all kinds of who knows what….

On our return, we had a message on the answering machine that our dear neighbor had suddenly been put on hospice. We had seen a lot of cars at his house when we pulled in but thought it was a family dinner. We were so wrong.

Though the message had been left on Monday, we expected that he was gone as we made the trip over to pay our respects. We found out he was still there and so we were blessed to go in and tell him thanks for being the best neighbor ever, and that we loved him and goodbye. Several years ago I stood in that same room and told his sweet wife the same things.

For someone who is NEVER on time, I have been blessed to be able to say goodbye to both of these dear people, my mom, my dad and one of my aunts.

I am humbled at the kindness of God to have allowed me these precious moments of time. I think of others who may not have had the chance to say goodbye, and I pray for God to bring a sense of peace and comfort that only comes from the healing of His Spirit.

We never know when we part with those we love if we will see them again. Let’s make every effort to say each of our goodbyes with a deep gratitude and a sincere expression of our love <3

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