Mid week random thoughts…

You all blessed my socks off with your notes yesterday. If you commented, the email notification doesn’t seem to work so check back in the comments for yesterday to read my responses. I love you all <3

And now some random thoughts in no particular order….

  1. With tax season looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to clean out the 2015 files to make room for the new year…which is why this isn’t a blog about being organized…


So as I stressed about getting every single sales ticket in the right month…I realized that my whole concept of keeping financial records is based on 80’s sitcoms where people are bringing a shoebox full of sales slips to the office of some stereotype of an IRS agent.

It dawned on me that the fact that I actually HAVE paper receipts probably makes me the butt of many a joke in college accounting classes around the nation and so in a bold move I did this….


I even threw caution to the wind and discarded a few Starbucks tickets paid with a gift card.


2. Got an update on Lily (see post November 11, 2015 to fully appreciate)….and ….


It’s kind of exciting and hopeful, although the Plant Whisperer is expressing hesitation of entrusting her back to me.

Can’t say I blame him…and he hasn’t even seen what used to be the succulent I planted in a tea cup…

3. While we were in Florida we saw this…


which at first I thought was a child’s pool toy until I saw a few dozen of them and even babies and realized it’s like a living thing…and if you don’t think there is a God….think again, because seriously…it would take a divine mind to come up with this critter…

4. I also figured out in the last few weeks that some of the most beautiful people I know are that way because they have been…


broken and they learned ….


and for the grand finale…


spring is coming…so hang on!

God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow <3

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