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Minimizing the blind spots


Oh I hope some of you caught the sunrise this morning…It was GLORIOUS!! The kind that makes the whole backyard and inside of the house pink; but when you look out – the sky is an almost ridiculous blend of pink and blue. Yes, I am a nauseating morning person…my poor family.

I have many such quirks. One involves my driving.

When I am passing or merging, I check all mirrors and then look over both shoulders to make sure no cars/motorcycles/deer/trucks/whatever are in my blind spot….twice. If there are passengers in the car, they are called into action as well to provide added insurance that I am clear to change lanes.

Well, last Thursday as I was driving home on the interstate, there was no traffic and I decided to experiment with adjusting the side mirrors. Lo and behold, by angling them inward and down a bit, I had a clear shot of either side of the road. For miles and right around the car. It was such an incredible revelation.

At this point, I do need to remind everyone that Driver’s Ed Class was an ELECTIVE in Kentucky in 1974…and I did not elect it….

ok …. so I as I continued on my way, I was just ecstatic to have such clarity of vision around me.

On Sunday, I was driving the car once again,and was severely disappointed. My mirrors were not at all helpful like I had thought.

But wait a minute….Russ had driven the car over the weekend. I called him on the car phone and asked if he had adjusted them when he drove it.

As we all breathe a sigh of sympathy for my patient husband, he replied that yes, of course he had….and in his words, “It’s every driver’s responsibility to adjust the mirrors each time they get in the car.” Oh.

In hindsight, I probably should have elected to take Driver’s Ed.

But more importantly….what a great application for all of my life….I am the one responsible for how I prepare myself to move through each day. I am the one who has to take charge of adjusting my viewpoint, my lens, my vision to see what is around me clearly.

And for ME — that means, setting my mirrors to God’s perspective.
I do this by reading and applying His Word to my living out of life each day; prayer that asks for wisdom, discernment, guidance and protection; and a determination to put His Word into action as I move among the people and circumstances I will encounter.

Getting myself lined up with Him is MY responsibility.

How are your mirrors adjusted today? May God bless you as you take responsibility for how you … journey onward <3

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